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Karla Prosperi is a Nationally Accredited massage teacher who provides appointments to the general public. Her training is in clinical and orthopedic massage, as well as the healing arts. She also offers guided meditation classes to the public and speaks about authentic, intuitive living.

Center for Personal health 

Motion is life. This is true on a physical level, and in every other way. CENTER for Personal Health provides a variety of resources, allowing you to move through life better. Whether you prefer group classes or private sessions, there is something at the CENTER for you.

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Thoughts about Karla...

"I just want to thank Karla for combining her expert medical understanding with her astute intuition to be the only one that has helped me control my headaches and chronic sinusitis . Her 'knowing' very real, since she is the only one who has truly helped me control concerns, even when surgery and medication was not effective enough! Karla is one of the most intelligent, accurate and honest people I have ever known. Thank you Karla, for being a powerful healer in my life." Dr. JC
​"I hate the idea of meds, but I was about to go that route. I am a dedicated yogi, but my hip felt so out of place that I even avoided walking. Desperate, I went to see Karla. Her intuitive touch led her to the true source of my pain...I was back at my practice just 36 hours later." SC

"Karla is such a wonderful brilliant spirit and any visit or session with her is rejuvenating. Her knowledge of the b
ody's mechanics and the inner workings are superb..." - LJ

"Karla has incredible knowledge of the body...She understands the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and treats her patients with a holistic view. Karla is able to diagnose trouble areas in the body with her intuitive and touch abilities, as there have been many examples of when I attended sessions with her in which she was able to identify things I was unaware of, treat those areas, and resolve another issue I was dealing with...Karla has a soothing, positive energy, which shines through not only in her work, but in the comfort felt when around her. I am living a much more comfortable and productive life as a result of her treatments, and am very grateful for her." - Dr. SC

"A few weeks ago, I found myself suffering, literally, from a pain in the neck. I was having trouble swallowing...It got progressively worse to a point where I was even having trouble drinking water during a lecture (I’m a college instructor). An ENT (physician) examined me...He used a long-tubed scope to check my nasal passages...and a CAT Scan and upper GI (were also recommended). All the while, I also heard stories of the healing power of therapeutic massage...and it was suggested I see Karla...She employed an empathetic listening style from the moment we met to understand the whole of me – what was going on in my life, my routines, my physical condition, and where I felt pain. She articulated how various organs function and the importance of proper interaction, alignment, and holistic performance. She carefully felt for alignment and stiffness, then explained to me how she would (move) one area after another with massage to restore my body’s intended function. When it was over, I thanked her and thought, that was nice, but would it matter? Two days later my symptoms were gone and they have never returned." ML

"Karla is an exceptional massage therapist. She is unlike anyone else I've seen. Karla uses her intuition and medical knowledge to assess what is going on in the body to customize each massage.  There are times when I have a specific issue and I have left feeling immediately better. I spent weeks suffering from the side effects of shingles, and Karla was able to target what was off in my body and ease my symptoms. Then there are appointments where I am not certain of what my body needs and I let her determine what I need. I always appreciate her insight and extensive knowledge. I trust her judgement and value her advice. I refer her to anyone that is suffering from an injury or chronic pain.  I also refer her to people who have not found relief from traditional medicine.  I have a physically demanding job and I rely on Karla to keep my body pain free and functioning at its best." AR